10.01.21 | 10Days

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23:40 MEZ | DNI Ratcliffe macht SPACEFORCE zur vollwertigen Geheimdienst-Behörde

🔥🚨BREAKING: Space Force has been upgraded to full intelligence agency status. This move will allow full authorization of the Global Broadcast Satelite by “breaking down barriers to information sharing and ensure that Space Force leaders have access to all intelligence that it would need”. Expect POTUS worldwide emergency broadcast imminently. According to Fox News, the White House pushed to make this change in classification ASAP. This is why it has seemed like Trump has gone silent recently, he was waiting for this move! #WinTheWin

— WinTheWin WinTheWin Sunday, January 10, 2021

Meldung auch via Fox News


22:10 MEZ | Militärpräsenz in Washington DC



21:11 MEZ | General Flynn mit weiterem Account

Please join me at Clouthub @GenFlynn Clouthub uses the power of social media to do good. I am a fan of Parler and will stay here as well and do what I can to encourage all Patriots to turn “censorship into citizenship.” God Bless America 🙏🇺🇸

— GenFlynn GenFlynn Sunday, January 10, 2021


20:27 MEZ | Prof. Alfio D’Urso Supreme Court Italien | Italienische Beteiligung am Wahlbetrug

Video doesn’t lie.

— TheStormIsUponUs TheStormIsReal Sunday, January 10, 2021



19:58 MEZ | Brief von Nancy Pelosi. Instruiert Bürgermeister von Portland Ted Wheeler zum Verfassungsbruch

linwood parleyed.

— LLinWood linwood Sunday, January 10, 2021


19:40 MEZ | Linke Bürgerrechtsorganisation bricht mit Twitter


16:15 MEZ | Die nächsten 10-14 Tage

Over the next 10-14 days, you will learn shocking information about many of our government officials & wealthy elite. Child sex trafficking and pedophilia are the worldwide pandemic. Revelations will relate to Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Chief Justice John Roberts, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Mike Pence, Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Gates, and thousands more. I have seen the evidence. It is conclusive. This truly is the battle between good & evil.

— LLinWood linwood Sunday, January 10, 2021



16:10 MEZ | Beweise und Finanzsystem 

A great deal of evidence deals with pedophilia & child sex trafficking. Laws prohibit it from being transmitted online. So the evidence can only be brought to light in court. You will also be shown evidence at the proper time and through proper channels about the conclusive evidence of election fraud & acts of treason by many against our country. Perhaps most shocking will be the masterful actions of President Trump in ridding our country of debtor-state status. Our financial system is a paper fraud. Time for bankruptcy & a fresh start. Just think – no income taxes! Good time to own gold, silver, land, etc. Real assets v. paper. It is 1776 again. Stay tuned.

— LLinWood linwood Sunday, January 10, 2021



15:20 MEZ | Capitol, False Flag?



15:15 MEZ | Trump bekommt 4 weitere Jahre

BE PREPARED FOR AN IMMINENT BLACKOUT. President Trump will be using be using emergency broadcast system. We have a man of courage & faith at the helm. He will be at the helm for 4 more years per the RULE OF LAW. Pray for President, our country & ALL. Steady.

— LLinWood linwood Sunday, January 10, 2021



13:30 MEZ | Abgeordneter öffnet Tür zum Capitol, False Flag?

THE 2ND SETUP: DeepState Rep. Mike Nearman purposely opened a door into the Capitol and let protesters in. Knowing this Nancy Pelosi’s administration allowed all #MediaMinions to spread rumors: Tump did it – impeachment Trump…sound familiar 😳

— Fdiz Fdiz Saturday, January 9, 2021


10:40 MEZ | Für Betrug gestimmt. DNI Report über Wahlbetrug erst nach Zertifizierung dem Kongress übergeben. 

💥💥BIG BOOM!💥💥 Congress was given the DNI report showing DEFINITIVE PROOF of FOREIGN and DEEP STATE election interference AFTER they knowingly voted for fraud! Trump didn’t release the DNI report to them until after they voted to trap them. Now they are panicking and screaming about removing Trump before he can do anymore damage because they have been CAUGHT! 🚨🚨🚨 ECHO to DECLASS it ALL! 📣📣📣 #PanicInDC #NothingCanStopWhatIsComing #DeclassifyEverything #LockThemUpNow

— ⭐️⭐️⭐️AntiCorporateMedia.com⭐️⭐️⭐️2 Chronicles7:14 AntiCorporateMedia Friday, January 8, 2021